Pinch Food Design

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When food meets design…everything just looks better.

Pinch Food Design is a brand new NY based food catering company that focuses on the important of the presentation of the food as much as its taste.


Royal Wedding Hats by Philip Treacy

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the royal wedding brought out the best fashion, including many of beautiful hats by philip treacy.

Philip Treacy Hats

photos from


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oh so pretty…

dresses and accessories by bhldn

The Desk Collections

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These desk card collections by Dear Hancock are super cute. Makes me want to draw what my desk looks like.

How would you like your design?

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Continuing with my graphic design related post. This one is another sad, but true experience designers have very often.

design by Colin Harman
via public school

Should I work for free?

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The other day, I posted about How Twitter works by Jessica Hische. And today, I’m showing another great chart by Jessica again – this is a question I (and most new designers) deal with all the time. Should I work for free?

Original illustration by Jessica Hische.

For Owl Lover

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Make your own 2011 Owl calendar by picking & choosing  any of these owl illustrations.