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A nice food directory blog, Tastespotting. Each picture is linked to each user’s food blog. Very interesting.

Tastespotting เป็นเว็บรวบรวม บล็อกของอาหารจากที่ต่างๆ ผู้ใช้สามารถเอารูปของตัวเองมาลง แล้วก็ลิงค์ไปที่บล็อกของตัวเองได้ มีตั้งแต่อาหารของคาว ของหวาน ไปถึงเครื่องดื่ม บางบล็อกพูดถึงเรื่องราวเกี่ยวกับสารอาหาร อาหารแต่ละประเภท บางบล็อกก็พูดถึงวิธีทำอาหารแต่ละอย่าง บางบล็อกพูดถึงร้านอาหารใหม่ๆน่าสนใจ ลองเข้าไปดู รูปแต่รูป ก็สวยน่ากินดี




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Creature magazine is an online magazine full of nice illustrations and work by all kind of artists.  I just look at the layout design, haven’t really read the details yet.  But the illustrations on each issue is pretty interesting and very enjoyable to look through.


Everybody is talking about it…

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…so I should mention it, at least.  Tomorrow, June 29th 2007 is the lauch date of the much-talk about ‘iPhone’.  Unfortunately, it’s only launching in the US right now, so Asia will have to wait till sometime around 2008.  Check out apple site to learn more…iphone.jpg

seeds and plants

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As the weather starts to get nicer, flowers are blooming and creative people are starting to think of ways to incorporate the nature into their design……like these 3 examples:

a) growing business card — it’s a very great idea of adding some more meaning to a business card…this way the client will really remember who you are.


b) growing box of soap — this one lets you plant a box of “Pangea Organics” soap and grow a sweet basil or amaranth plants in your back yard…very neat


c) growing Starbucks card sleeves — when you buy a Starbucks gift card for someone, you are not only giving them coffee but you are also giving them some seeds to plant flowers too. 2 gifts in 1!



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A very cool website to design your own bouquet of flowers: Everbloom. It’s kinda fun to just pick your favorite flowers and send them to friends and families. Be creative and try!!


Hungry Suitcase

June 17, 2007 § 1 Comment

So the Royal Caribbean Cruise totally tricked me into playing this plan-your-vacation game online.  Although now I know that the “Hungry Suitcase” site is totally built to advertise the Alaska Cruise line, I still think the site is pretty nice and well made.  So even though you are not planning to go to Alaska, it’s worth checking out the graphic!


flower…for you

June 15, 2007 § 1 Comment

happy birthday sis!


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